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Brutish men killed 18 month old and 5 year old babies -follow-up

Hanover, Jamaica (McN) – Williamsfield is in mayhem knowing that they are powerless against heartless thugs with high powered guns.

The once quite community in Hanover has been disrupted since last November when a woman was murdered, and another person murdered in the community in December of 2016. And now with this massive murder and shooting mayhem which left three persons dead, and three persons struggling for their lives in the hospital, the residents are quivering with fear.

Mckoy’s News broke the story yesterday of the murder of a man while he was home, and the murders of young children (18-months-old, and 5-year-old) of his friend, a single mother in her home nearby.

Police report that thugs kicked in the door of Hopeton Lee, 34 at about 11 pm on Wednesday, and executed him. The heartless gunmen then went to the home of Lee’s female friend and sprayed it with bullets from top to bottom – killing five-year-old Kimani Johnson and eighteen month-old Daquan Davidson.

The police are saying that they believe the murders are connected to the murder of a woman in the community, November 2016.

The investigating officer are trying to connect a theory that Hopton Lee may have been executed to prevent him from being a witness at the trial of the person accused in killing the woman in November. Lee witnessed the crime but decline to identify the killer.

These killing occurred despite the increase in Police presence in the community since last November.

Child Development Agency

Jamaica’s Child Development Agency (CDA) was present at the locations yesterday and began care for the other children in the family of the wounded.

Ministry of Education gives statement on the Murders

In a news release from the Ministry of Education, Minister of State in the Ministry of Education Youth and Information Floyd Green expressed:

 “As a society we cannot sit back and allow this to be the new norm…”

“Someone knows who committed this act and must give the information to the police; these villains must have nowhere to hide.”

More patrol and more reliable vehicle, says Member of Parliament for Hanover

Member of Parliament for Hanover Western, Ian Hayles could hardly contain his tears yesterday as he spoke with reporters.

He pointed out that there is a reduction in the body of Police officers for the parish and not enough reliable Police vehicles. He is calling for the Ministry of National Security to honor their promise from last year to give Hanover updated Police vehicles. He wants more officers patrolling Hanover’s communities.

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