6IX’s Daddy1 & Squash Collab To Voice ‘Public Figure’

In a beautifully executed collaboration, long-time colleagues and ‘partners in lyrical crime’ Daddy1 and Squash, turn the video light on their high rolling lifestyle.

Alternating hails and high flaunts marks the intro of the latest track from the 6IX’s camp, entitled ‘Public Figure’, released on April 23, 2020. Trending #11 on Vevo, the high life song is a double treat from the dancehall artistes.

In celebration of the high life, enlisting high fashion, high meditation, high crime, high income, and high erotica, Daddy1 and Squash, has heads bopping to their new banger. Though not a song to ‘Hold yuh girl and wine”, this already-hit will see many males and females walking into the video light.

The song begins with an easy, flowing chorus of ‘ticka’, ‘digga’, ‘licka’, ‘sicka’ rhyming, performed by Daddy1. In an even smoother transition, Squash highlights his brick stocked pocket from which he tips the stripper, and enjoys the superstar attention from females who seek a photo opportunity. Aligning his pace for the transition to another section sang by Daddy1, Squash synchronizes, pays his respects, and allows the 1 to continue the song. – “Daddy1 nuh lef di 17, smoke the grades inna di limousine, anyting a anyting, win uh fraid a di enemy”

Without a second to spear, lyrics were at the ready from Daddy1, and Squash, without missing a beat or a flow, both sensations alternate lines within the second verse, much to the awe of the listener. They take turns spotlighting the Rolls Royce, the raised AK released, the 6IX’s sexual prowess among the girls, and popular high-fashion style – all white.

As if they recorded in the same, studio, voicing on the same mic, Daddy1 passes the mic to Squash and vice versa, performing the remainder of the song in conversation. Addressing the traitors, hypocrites, and fakes, they advise each other never to trust the disguise of the same – Squash: ‘ nuh trus nuh body, neva you forget a traitor face’. Daddy1 agrees, ‘dem traitor face yah come inna different form and different type a shape”.

While the unnamed rhythm was a perfect complement, the highlight of this song was the sensational performance from the duo. Without acknowledging the lyrical artistry or the message, the song is expected to be a party hit, for the high-rolling males and females who love the spotlight, and of course, also by all the 6IX fans.

Listen to Public Figure below.


Source: Dancehallmag

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