65 Murders in St James since January, two more victims found in the street

News Crime Investigator Henry Bucknor

St. James, Jamaica (McN) – Murders in St James continue to rise; since the start of the year 2017 a total of 65 Persons have been murdered in the parish of St James. The police have now been forced to step up patrol and other security presence across several communities.

Two of the latest victims who were killed by gunmen in Friday afternoon, April 7 have been identified as Odain Herron, 27- year-old of Malik Drive and Douglas Suarez, 43-year-old of Paradise Crescent in Norwood.

Both victims were killed about 2:00 pm and 5:45 pm respectively, after residents in Paradise, Norwood reported hearing gunshots and alerted the Montego Hills and Freeport police.

The bodies of both victims were discovered at separate location along the roadway, in the community with multiple gunshot wounds.

The parish of St James have now recorded close to 20 murders more that the amount committed at this said time in 2016 and the authorities are now showing major concern.

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