57 Murders in Montego Bay

Montego Bay, Jamaica (McKoy’s news) – 57 Murders in Montego Bay: Since the start of 2017, a total of 57 persons have been brutally murdered within the Barnett Street policing area in Montego Bay. This figure has now surpassed that of the previous year by five and the residents are now very concerned.

It is now that time of the year when the inner streets of Montego Bay are crowded with holiday shoppers, however, gunmen still continue to wreak havoc in the second city. In the past three days, a man who hails from Barnett Lane was gunned down in broad daylight along Hart Street while a female resident of Upper King’s Street “Canterbury” was shot and killed while coming from a party in Mango Walk.

Over the past week, the police have reinforced security presence in and around the perimeter of Montego Bay but this has not prevented the gunmen from committing their hideous acts. One police officer has expressed his concern at the vast amount of murders that have taken place in the Barnett Street policing area and he firmly stated that murders are not the only crime that has risen within the city but other crimes such as robberies, shootings and domestic disputes are also way above the average of the previous year.

He also stated that the police are working with minimum resources and very understaffed.

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