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51 Illegal Guns seized, Over 100 Murders in St James

St. James, Jamaica (McKoy’s News)51 Illegal Guns seized, Over 100 Murders in St James: The St James Police are reporting that 51 illegal guns have been recovered in the parish in the past five months.  Also, the western parish has had the highest murder rate of over 100 since January 2017.
Superintendent of Police Marlon Nesbeth says, “We would have got some guns last week and this brings our tally now to 51 since the start of the year; roughly five more than we did for the same period last year.  Our efforts continue around that as we are out there daily working to get the illegal guns off the streets”.
A series of operations in the parish last week, allowed the police to seize seven illegal firearms, including a high-powered rifle.  However, no arrests were made in connections with those seizures.
Superintendent Nesbeth is renewing his call for the citizens to work with the police to subdue the criminal elements, including those persons who are wanted for crimes in other parishes and are believed to be hiding out in numerous communities in St James. 
Last year recorded 268 murders in the parish.  Despite the increased police and military presence, St James continues to lead the nation with murders and shootings.

Contributed by Dr. Colin O Jarrett

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