36-Year-Old Woman Sues Parents For $2.3M For Naming Her Herpesia

A 36-year-old California woman is suing her adoptive parents for naming her Herpesia.

Herpesia Mary Malloy, an unemployed single mother of three, is suing her adoptive parents, Jason Malloy, 72, and Heather Malloy, 66, claiming that her name has made her life extremely difficult.

Malloy claims her name, which resembles that of the sexually transmitted disease herpes, has cost her many job opportunities and also blames her name for her three divorces.

Herpesia Mary Malloy, who was born in 1982, was adopted by the Malloy family and given the name Herpesia after the name of her own biological mother who is of Angolan origin.

“They ruined my whole life with this horrible name. How do you expect to get a job with a name like that, unless you’re working in the porn industry?” Malloy told reporters.

Jason Malloy, 76, and Heather Malloy, 72, still can't believe that their own daughter is suing them for naming Herpesia after her own biological mother.

Jason Malloy, 72, and Heather Malloy, 66, still can’t believe that their own daughter is suing them for naming her after her own biological mother.

“The Malloy family is clearly to blame for my client’s three failed marriages and her inability to keep a decent job for over 20 years now,” attorney Judy Blake told reporters.

Herpesia M. Malloy’s attorney also believes her client gained 180 pounds after her first child was born in 2002 because her name made her feel “ashamed of herself” and “destroyed her self-confidence.”

Jason Malloy and Heather Malloy, who describe themselves as devout Christians, decided to adopt Herpesia in the 1980s after learning about the civil war which ensued in Angola after it became independent from Portugal in 1975.

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