269 Persons Murdered In St James Since 2017

St. James, Jamaica (McKoy’s News) – 269 Persons Murdered: Since the start of 2017, a total of 269 persons have been murdered in the parish of St James.  This total equals the number of murders committed at this same time last year.

The most recent victim was shot by gunmen and was seriously injured on King Street in Montego Bay on Wednesday night. The police have not yet given the name of the victim but they said that he was transported to the Cornwall Regional Hospital by residents, where he later died from his injuries.

Despite a meeting being held between the police, the Municipal Corporation and representatives from the Montego Bay business community last weekend, residents in the parish are still concerned as to the number of murders which have taken place within the third quarter of 2017.

Prime Minister of Jamaica,  Hon Andrew Holness, introduced the Zone of Special Operations in Mount Salem on September 1st.  During that period, a total of 197 persons were recorded to have been murdered in the parish.

A total of 72 murders have taken place in St James over the past 70 days.

It is now a major concern, based on the fact that more than one person have been killed each day for the past 70 days.

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