Gunmen Wreak Havoc

Update: Wild Wild West, 2 Shot One Dead in Montego Bay While Driving

Antonio Mckoy CEO - Mckoy's News

Montego Bay, Jamaica (McKoy’s News) 2 Shot One Dead in Montego Bay: The friendly city of Montego Bay has once again been transformed into a model of what appears to be the Wild Wild West, as brazen gunmen exchanged gunfire on the busy highway leaving one man dead and the other man admitted to hospital in critical condition.

The identities of the men have not yet been established.

Reports are that, the scene unraveled shortly after 3:00 pm on Monday, when a blue Toyota motorcar was heading from the direction of Montego Bay towards Long Hill. Upon approaching the Reading main road, two men on a motorcycle rode up beside the car, the pillion brandished a gun and began shooting on the occupants.  It was alleged that the occupants of the motorcar returned fire.

Subsequently, the driver of the Toyota motorcar lost control and collided with another car which was in the area. The gunmen then escaped on the motorcycle.

Both victims were assisted to the Cornwall Regional Hospital where one man was pronounced dead and the other man admitted.

The scene was processed by teams from the Anchovy and Freeport Police Station.

The Police have not yet been established a motive for this latest shooting.

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