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Crime: 155 Persons Killed in St James in 2019

Latest Jamaica News, St James (McKoy’s News): The parish of St James ended the year 2019 as the Division accounting for the most murders in Area One, and also one of the parishes with the most murders in the entire island, with a total of 155 murders being committed in the twelve months.

Despite hundreds of joint military teams being deployed around the parish which is still under a state of public emergency and a Zone of Special Operation in Mount Salem, the criminals continue to slip under the police radar while carrying out their acts of mayhem and terror on several communities.

Areas such as Cambridge, Barrett Town, Norwood, Salt Spring and Flankers have accounted for most of the murders committed in the parish in 2019, and the police say they have now stepped up operations in a number of these areas.

Antonio Mckoy  – News Reporter

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