13 Persons Quarantined, One Isolated as Ministry Aims to Prevent Coronavirus from Entering into Jamaica

Latest Jamaica News: Minister of Health had declared that thirteen people are now in quarantine at an unknown location, and one person is in isolation at a medical centre as health authorities try to deter the coronavirus into Jamaica.

Health Minister Dr. Christopher Tufton has given an update on the situation at a press conference earlier on Wednesday, February 5.

He stated restrictions on travel from China are still in effect, adding that quarantine facilities are given by the Government in some cases. At the same time, isolation facilities are operational at public hospitals.

Dr Tufton provided an explanation that Jamaican citizens travelling on flight from China would not be turned back but declared they would be given “elevated restrictions”.

He also stated that only Jamaican citizens, permanent residents, and those with marriage exemption will be granted landing privileges.

All travelers from China will be access to quarantine for a minimum of two weeks where applied, he said.

Health Minister, Dr. Tufton provided the information on a risk assessment tool is used to determine the level of quarantine required for individuals who have to be isolated, including whether they can remain at home.

The death toll is almost 500 as of today, the overwhelming majority of them in China.

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