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St. James, Jamaica (Mckoy’s News) – 100 MURDERS IN ST JAMES: The parish of St. James is now reeling from a record breaking 100 murders since the start of the year 2017.

These senseless killings have taken place with only four months gone by since the start of the year and already the parish has now recorded the most murders in Jamaica.

St. James is also the first parish to surpass all thirteen remaining parishes put together in the murder tally.

Since early January the Jamaica Defense Forces and large detachments of police details were deployed all around several communities in St. James but. this move by the security forces still saw a drastic rise in crime and murders.

Montego Hills policing area as accounted for most of the murders in the parish since January. Other troubled communities such as Flankers, Johns Hall, Cambridge, Farm Heights, Mount Salem and the inner city areas of Montego Bay have accounted for the rest.

The onslaught of residents which includes children women and senior residents have now taken a toll on St. James. Residents are now calling on the police to find more effective measures to fight crime.

Because of the 100 murders in St James since the start of the year, the business community in St James are now feeling the impact of these murders, as they are forced to open the doors to their business later on regular days and close much more earlier.

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