Youth in State Custody Encouraged to Make Use of Opportunities Afforded

Jamaica News: Minister of State in the Ministry of National Security, Hon. Rudyard Spencer, has renewed his call for youth in State custody to make the best of the skills and education opportunities being imparted to them.

The State Minister, who was addressing the South Camp Juvenile Correctional Centre’s annual Christmas luncheon in Kingston on Tuesday (December 11), said the youngsters must leave the institution “significantly better off”.

“I want, for most of you, that you are thinking of going on to tertiary education, because that’s the way to go; and I want you to remember that we have taken you from your home and your family, to instil certain values in you,” Mr. Spencer told the gathering.

He said when the youth return to their communities, they will be better equipped to make a meaningful contribution to the society, adding that “that’s what I wish for you”.

Mr. Spencer, in lauding the staff at juvenile facilities for their deep interest in guiding the youth, described them as a group of persons who are “totally committed to the betterment of our children that we have taken in”.

He also commended the youngsters’ parents for their input in spending “quality time” with their children.

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Meanwhile, founder of FHL Designs, Nateisha Williams, who was the guest speaker, told the all-female inmates that she had lived a carefree lifestyle before undergoing a transformation at age 17, leading to her becoming an entrepreneur.

“I believe that many of you were born with that spirit of entrepreneurship, and you can do it. If I did it, you can do it too. It is possible; with God all is possible. Just stay focused, dream big, aim high, and you can do it,” she said.

Several family members joined the Ministry’s staff, senior officers of the Department of Correctional Services (DCS), and representatives of external support organisations at the luncheon.


Source: JIS News

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