Wireless Device Importers Urged To Get Spectrum Management Authority Approval

Jamaica News: The Spectrum Management Authority (SMA) is reminding importers of second-hand vehicles, and other devices using a signal, that type approval is required from the agency to ensure these equipment function properly in Jamaica.

Managing Director, Dr. Maria Myers Hamilton, told JIS News that a Type-approval Certificate is issued for products meeting a minimum set of regulatory, technical and safety requirements.

This approval, she added, “is required before a Radio Frequency device is allowed to be sold in Jamaica”.

Dr. Myers Hamilton explained that any wireless device, such as handheld radios, antennas, keyless cars or X-ray machines that are being imported, would be barred by the Jamaica Customs Agency (JCA) if the importer does not have a type-approved certificate.

“The JCA will seize the equipment until the importer comes in to the SMA and obtains a type approval,” she explained.

The Managing Director added that, in some cases, they may even need a licence depending on the band or the frequency being used.

She explained that Japanese cars coming into Jamaica via a third-party dealer would not have been type-approved, as the frequencies they operate on are in use by radio operators. As such, an individual runs the risk of being stranded – since their vehicle will not start due to this interference matter.

“Persons must ensure that the person who is bringing in the car for them actually does the type approval on the device through the SMA to ensure that there is no collision with signals in any form across the island,” she stated.

Dr. Myers Hamilton pointed out that these devices and many wireless technology may not work as efficiently as they would elsewhere, without adjustment of pin settings.

She advised that there is a search feature on the SMA’s website to check and verify that devices are type-approved to function in Jamaica.

The SMA is the regulatory body responsible for managing the radio frequency portion of the electromagnetic spectrum in Jamaica.

One of the Authority’s main functions is allocating and assigning frequencies for various services, including the amateur radio service.


Source: JIS News

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