Who Killed and Skinned Katarzyna Zawada in 1998 in Krakow, Poland?

Some names in this article have only been disclosed as initials due to Polish privacy laws.
On a cold winter morning on January 7, 1999, tugboat operator, Miroslaw M., opened a hatch on the Los, a barge pusher on the Vistula, to remove what was stuck in the propeller since last evening. He was unsure about the object he saw, but knew it was something unusual. It was pale, and had a sack-like appearance. He sensed a foul smell, then saw what appeared to be a human ear.


It was later discovered that what M. found were the remains of 23-year-old Religion Knowledge student, Katarzyna Zowada. The object M. found was her skin, neatly cut away at the thighs and neck, reaching only as far as the left ear, no face, no arms. Her nipples were also absent. There was also an aslant seam going from under the right breast to the left shoulder. The coroner reported that the body had been in the water for an estimated 2 or 3 weeks before she was found. Pieces of her sweater were also at the scene.

Another piece of the woman’s body was found a week later. Katarzyna’s leg was found near a hydroelectric dam also on the Vistula, among some floating litter and tree branches. No other remains of her have ever been found. The only additional evidence recovered were pieces of jeans and a flannel shirt with a square cut out.

Katarzyna had been missing for at least two months before her body was found, since November 12, 1998. She had only a few friends, always sat alone during lectures, and lived with her mother. She had depression and, at one point in the past, had tried to commit suicide. Her mother became worried when she didn’t show up to a doctor’s appointment which they were set to attend together,

It was discussed that it was a copycat murder based on “Silence of the Lambs”. The police were doing their best, since the profilers stated there was a high possibility that it was only the first in a series of murders. And indeed, the next murder happened.

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