Week of prayer ahead of National Leadership Prayer Breakfast

THE National Leadership Prayer Breakfast Committee is engaging the nation in a period of focused prayer leading up to the prayer breakfast on January 19.

This will take the form of a National Prayer Blitz Week, commencing tomorrow.

The committee said, given the current challenges of crime, violence and lawlessness in the society, they are asking everyone to focus on leaders in their time of prayer.

“We are also asking that special prayers be made for the protection of our women and children from abuse, violence and murder,” it said in a news release.

On January 12, prayers will go up for religious leaders — those who provide moral and spiritual leadership to the nation. Prayers will ask God to equip and use them to lead our citizens into living godly lives.

On January 13, the private sector leaders will be the subject, and prosperity for them, and those who work with them, the focus.

On January 14, prayers go out for public sector leaders; for those who lead ministries, departments, agencies of government and public enterprises, and manage the resources of the nation on behalf of its citizens. The prayers will be for them to be blessed with wisdom, knowledge, integrity, and the skills necessary to improve national well-being.

On January 15, the leaders in the judiciary and security services are the focus, for leadership that seeks to reduce crime and injustice, despite the challenges, and create a safer, more lawful Jamaica.

“Let us pray that God will empower them to serve effectively, and that they will serve with integrity, competence and commitment. Let us especially pray that they will, with the support of all Jamaicans, succeed in reducing crime and preventing the abuse and killing of our children and vulnerable citizens,” the committee said.

For Monday, January 16, emerging leaders will be the group up for mention — the prayers for our young leaders and those citizens who are taking on new roles of leadership.

“Let us pray that their enthusiasm will grow, their wisdom will increase, and their contributions will be positive and lasting,” the committee said.

January 17 will focus on cultural and sports leaders, with prayers for those who provide leadership in the cultural and sports sectors, nurturing and promoting talent, as Jamaica expresses its uniqueness as a nation.

On January 18, community leaders and heads of households will be the focus of the petition, with prayers for those who formally and informally provide leadership in communities and homes, for God to inspire, equip and empower them to build strong families and healthy communities.

And on January 19, the day of the National Leadership Prayer Breakfast, prayers will go up for our political leaders, asking God to help them provide exemplary leadership marked by integrity, compassion, competence, character, and love.

The theme for the breakfast is ‘God-empowered intervention for transformation — Praying for our leaders, praying with our leaders’.

Jamaica Observer

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