HIGH CRIMES AND MISDEMEANOURS: From as far back as I can remember, or from 1989 as a specific point of reference – Jamaica has never been a country where the rule of law and social order was a priority of government, which would seek to impose this on a largely undisciplined citizenry that has grown use to loose living. Virtually every segment of our society is governed by chaos.

The Transportation System (referred to as such loosely) exhibits this despite the stringent and asinine rules ‘governing’ it that has given rise to Robot Taxis and other ills, the least of which, are parking any and everywhere to pick up and ‘let off’ passengers, and flouting the Traffic Laws at will.


Even a cursory glance at the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF), reveals myriad problems that dragged the force from some level of respectability down into the depths of disrepute. If a poll was conducted, the majority of Jamaicans would not view the force favourably, nor do they trust it. Our police men and women are too slack on the principles of law and order, and many of them are just ill-suited to wear the uniform. It is this same Force that is being heavily relied upon to make a dent in crime and violence that have increased with alarming fervour.


Vending, which is a useful economic activity, has also fallen prey to lawlessness, chaos and disorder. There are no sensible, enforceable rules and regulations governing the sector, so vendors run amok making themselves more nuisance than a respectable group engaged in an economic activity.They are allowed to operate anywhere to the stifling of legitimate businesses struggling to meet operating costs that they don’t have to face at all. They obstruct motorists and pedestrians using the roadways and the sidewalk with scant regard for their rights of access.


Teachers, the most noble and respectable of professions,  is in clear and present danger of being dragged down by the undertow of the ship of corruption and destruction on which we are mostly hapless passengers – due to the asinine and counterproductive measures and policies put in place putative to bring about order. Teachers, under the claims of being underpaid (they probably are), have taken up ‘hustling’, even competing with vendors. Some of have been accused of locking up children in their classrooms during recess forcing the students to be captive patrons of whatever they are hawking. Extra Lessons has become a notorious fraud and a downright scam, where it is used for extortion and to stymie the growth and development of many a student. Notwithstanding the inherent benefits, the way it is introduced and managed makes it more negative than positive. The ranks of the Teaching profession is also being defiled by an influx of Teacher’s College graduates, who are mostly in the profession solely to ‘eat a food’.


Politicians – oh politicians those in government as well as Opposition, continue to ride roughshod over their employers, who are neglected and scorned, save for when they are needed to give them the 5 year ‘Pass’ to Jamaica House. Once this has been granted, they seek to ‘lord it’ over the people with arrogant displays and a penchant for profligacy and incompetence. Deep to their necks in corruption and a gross display of ignorance, they are of little use to their employers who afford them a life of luxury, even as they protest that they are not paid as well as if they were in the Private Sector. One wonders why they don’t do us a favour and head in that direction, because they are of little value to us, and we see where, instead of them making sacrifices to serve, we are being sacrificed as a result of their questionable desire to serve us. If they are so willing to do good for country, they should be required to volunteer for at least one year before we decide whether we should employ and pay them….


Jamaica is a veritable Paradise, but it is turned upside down. It is my hope that it will soon be made right side up. However, looking on there is nothing at present that gives rise to this hope, so it is must be a christian-like faith governing my hope. This frustration of pessimism stems largely from the fact that the people blame the governments for our woeful conditions, and they, in turn, blame the people. We have no where going with that kind of to and fro.


The nation cannot progress and prosper if governments do not take the responsibility to create the environment that will be conducive to Jamaica being the kind of country where there is the desire for people to live, raise children and do business.


Until next time, keeps doing what is noble and just. Go ahead and have a discussion right here.

I am Warren Johnson

Email: [email protected]


Editor at Large, Mckoy’s News: the views expressed on this post are that of the writer and not that of Mckoy’s News.

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