Veronica, Mobay Hot Granny

Montego Bay, Jamaica (McKoy’s News) – Veronica, Mobay Hot Granny: When people in the second city see Veronica from Canterbury walking the streets, they have to stop and take a good look at her. Why? She is so well dressed that she always outshine ladies far younger than herself.

She is famously known as Hot Granny. On Wednesday she was seen modeling at the Strand Street Pharmacy in her usual fashion flair.

Some folks commented, ‘She looks better than many young girls for her age, she can enter in any fashion contest.’

Another said, ‘you can see that she was well brought up in her attire, that it still stick with her at this age.’

She can be seen at Sunshine Plaza in the City on a daily basis. Hot Granny was featured in one of our national paper, and it was rumored that the paper sold out all its copies that were distributed in Montego Bay.

When asked if she would enter a contest she was quick to say yes, but her children need her to just relax and enjoy her life now that she has retired.

In her younger days, she worked at a Garment factory in the Montego Bay Freezone, then went to work at the Jamaica Public Service Company at Lower Market Street.


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