Usain Bolt calls for Unity in Dancehall

Sprint legend-turn music producer Usain Bolt is calling for unity in dancehall.

In a lengthy post on Instagram today, Bolt says “it’s full time we highlight more of the positives & the progress of music as the artists/producers continues to push the envelope of the genre.”

Bolt who’s currenlty in Europe, notes that it’s time we capitalize on the impact of the music, rather than bashing it.

Bolt released his ‘Country Yutes’ debut album, alongside his long-time friend and Manager Nigel -NJ- Walker. The album debuted in the number 6 position on the Billboard Reggae Albums Chart, after shifting over 2,000 copies within its first week.

While noting the impact of the genre, Bolt calls for unity to push the music further as, according to him, research has indicated that “dancehall music occupies only 6% of the market.”

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