North Korea stole US$81 million from NY Bank, says US Gov’t

North Korea (McN)– the grand theft of a large some of money is being linked to North Korea. The US is saying North Korea Stole $81 million from a New York Bank via computer fraud.

Throughout the 21st century, North Korea has never had much diplomatic or economic ties, if any with the United States of America. Today, prosecutors from the US are seeking to hold North Korea responsible for a large sum of money, stolen from the account of Bangladesh at the Federal Reserve Bank, in New York last year.


Richard Ledgett, Deputy Director of the National Security Agency (NSA), has put it forward publicly, that North Korea is responsible for the whopping $81 million dollars heist. Many associated with investigation, have also made claims, pointing Chinese nationals as the key middlemen in this orchestrated  grand theft.


The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), law offices in Los Angeles and New York have led an international investigation into the February 2016 robbery, where they allege that North Korea Stole this large some of US dollars.


Hackers breached Bangladesh Bank’s system and used the Swift messaging network, to request nearly 1 billion dollars from its account at the New York Federal Reserve. The bank in New York rejected some of the request but honored some, resulting in the 81 millions dollars disappearing into casinos and other entities of the Philippines.


In Dhaka, a top police officer said in December, that some Bangladesh officials deliberately exposed its computer systems, enabling hackers to get access.

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