Update: Woman Stabs Man to Death in Cambridge

Jamaica Crime News: The stabbing we highlighted earlier has seen new developments.

The Cambridge police are presently carrying out an investigation into the death of a man who was stabbed to death in the Cambridge community of St.James. It was claimed the accused is an ex-girlfriend. Claims are there was a domestic dispute which lead to the stabbing on January 22nd.

So far the identity of the deceased has been given only as “Owen Dixon”.

Reports by the police are that about 9:20 a.m., the now-deceased saw his ex-girlfriend along a section of Tank Road in Cambridge, and accused her of leaving him for another man.

Eye witness claims that the accused saw the victim entering a taxi and attacked the victim verbally and accosted him. It was said the argument was over a phone and him deciding to confront all parties involved. This was information given by an anonymous source that witnessed the blow by blow chain of events.

Various rumours are at large. Quoted by a family member. The press and police  have heard  several versions to the story. The community and various family members are in uproar due to the chain of events  and the several versions or rumours of the story”.

“As “Owen” was entering the car she allegedly attacked him pulling on his arm. As the car began to move the accused then pulled out a knife which seemed to carrying around, reports from an eye witness. She also a described that she stabbed him and ran off into the near by field”. From the same eye witness.

By: Vivian Thomas

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