Update: Drunk JDF Corporal Chops Common-Law Wife to Death, Then Shoots Himself in Portmore

Latest Jamaica News, St Catherine (McKoy’s News): A team of Investigators attached to the Portmore police in St Catherine, and the Jamaica Defence Force, are conducting an investigation into a murder, suicide incident, which took place in the parish on Saturday morning, where a JDF Corporal reportedly chopped his common-law wife to death, before shooting himself.

The soldier has been identified as 33-year-old Corporal Doran Mckenzie, and the female who is also a nurse by profession, identified as Suzanne Easy, both of 4-West in Greater Portmore, St Catherine.

Reports by the police are that on Saturday evening, Corporal Mckenzie drove to his home in Portmore, allegedly in a drunken state and discharge one round from his service pistol.

It is further reported that he then left the premises, but later returned in the same state and went inside his house where he allegedly got involved in an argument with his common-law wife.

About 2:00 a.m., gunshots were heard coming from the directions of the house and residents summoned the police, but upon the arrival of the lawmen, it was discovered that the house was securely locked from the inside.

The fire department was asked for their assistance in opening the door of the house, and upon entering the building they stumbled upon the bodies of the female with multiple chop wounds, and Mckenzie who had a gunshot wound to his head.

The scene was processed and the bodies removed to the morgue for a postmortem examination.

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