UPDATE: Court Ordered Charge Alkaline by 6 pm Today or Release Him

Kingston 11, Jamaica (McN) – Attorney at law Peter Champagnie, representing Dj. Alkaline filed papers on Monday morning with the Kingston and St. Andrew Parish court to have the Deejay released from Hunts Bay Police Station Lock-up if there are no charges filed against him.

A judge has granted the application for release if not charged. The court ordered the police must release Earlan Bartley by 6.00 pm today or charge him.

Earlan Bartley, known as Dancehall Deejay Alkaline has been in custody since last Thursday after turning himself in to police for questioning in a murder investigation.

Alkaline is wanted in questioning in the Muder of this man Rohan Morris, Murdered in January

The police are investigating the murder of Rohan Morris in Maverley, St Andrew, January 2017, who was reported sprayed with bullets over 15 times, with his 5-year-old daughter in the home.

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