Crime Scene


Providence Heights, Montego Bay (Mckoy’s News)- UNIDENTIFIED DECOMPOSING BODY DISCOVERED: The Coral Gardens police are now asking members of the public for their assistance in identifying a man whose decomposing body was discovered in the vicinity of Providence Heights community on Saturday evening.

The investigators also pointed out that the body was in a vast state of decomposing but it is believed that the victim was shot and killed and then the body dumped in the area.

Reports are that. About 1:30 pm on Saturday residents in the area smelled a foul stench coming from a section of bushes and went to investigate.

Following a search of the bushes, they stumbled upon the decomposing body and alerted the police. A team from the Coral Gardens and Freeport stations responded and after reaching the scene the area was processed.

The body was later removed and pronounced dead at the hospital and then transported to the morgue for post mortem examination.

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