Two Women Fined a Combined $10,000 after Fighting Over a Man in Public

After creating a public brawl by fighting over a man, two women ended up paying the government a combined sum of $10,000 in fines.

Oshin Green, who resides overseas, and Sherome Clealand from Mount Salem, St. James, appeared in the St. James Parish Court on Wednesday to answer to charges of possession of an offensive weapon and disorderly conduct.

They both pleaded guilty to the charges before presiding judge Kaysha Grant.

Details of the allegations were not read out to the court, but court records revealed that the police were in the Mount Salem community when they observed the two women raining blows on each other and were behaving in a disorderly manner. It is also alleged that fight the women pulled weapons at each other.

“What caused the fight?” Judge Grant asked the women.

“Jealousy,” said Green.

“So, somebody gets the chicken leg, and another gets the breast?” the judge then asked.

“Yes,” Green replied.

The judge at that point asked both women why they put themselves in that position to be fighting over a man who did not make himself available to support them during the court proceedings.

“You are fined $2,000 for the offensive weapon or serve five days where there is no chicken leg or breast,” Grant said to Green. She was also fined $3,000 or five days for disorderly conduct.

Like Green, Clealand was also fined $2,000 or five days for possessing the weapon and $3,000 or five days for disorderly conduct.

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