Two Wanted Westmoreland Men Turn Themselves Over to Police

The Westmoreland police are reporting that the two men listed as wanted, who were asked to turn themselves over to the police by Monday, February 14, are now both in police custody.

Devani Bennett, otherwise called ‘Santa’, Unemployed of of Auldyr community, Bluefield, turned himself in about 9:00am, in the company of his lawyer and mother, while Moses Ramsey, otherwise called ‘Satan’ unemployed of Russia community, Savanna-La-Mar, turned himself over to the police about 11:30am, in the company of his lawyer.

Bennett has since been charged with murder, while a warrant for murder was served on Ramsey.

An appeal was made to both men on Saturday by Deputy Superintendent of police for the parish of Westmoreland, Adrian Hamilton, to turn themselves over to the police by noon yesterday.

DSP Hamilton had also reported that Bennett and Ramsey, had fired at the police during an operation carried out in Bliefields community Saturday morning, where Westmoreland most wanted man Andre ‘Bunny’ Hinds, was fatally shot during a confrontation with the Police.

An AK-47 assault rifle, two magazines and several rounds of ammunition were also seized following the fatal shooting.

The police say Hinds who was associated with the Notorious ‘Delete Gang’ was being sought for multiple murders, shootings, and arson.

Reported are that shortly before midday, the police carried out an operation at a section of Bluefields called Auldyr community.

They proceeded to a forest area where Hinds, and the two other wanted men who are now in police custody were seen dressed in army fatigue, and armed with high powered weapons.

On seeing the police the men opened fire, and the fire was returned, resulting in Hinds being shot and killed, while Bennett and Ramsey, managed to escape in nearby bushes.

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