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Point Hill, Hanover (McN) – A female driver and a male passenger including a small baby boy was injured during a two motor vehicle accident which occurred along a section of the Point Hill main road in Hanover on Monday afternoon.

Two Persons and Baby Injured in Hanover Crash (Henry Bucknor Photo)

Reports are that about 1:00 pm on Monday the male and female and the baby were travelling in a silver 110 Toyota Corolla motor from the directions of Hopewell towards Montego Bay.

On reaching the vicinity of the Point Hill main road  the driver of another Toyota Corolla motor car which was travelling in the opposite directions lost control of the vehicle and collide head-on into the oncoming 110 corolla.

Male and Female Suffered Serious Injuries in the Point Hill Car Accident (Henry Bucknor Photo)

The male and female suffered serious injuries to their upper bodies and had to be rushed to the Cornwall Regional Hospital in serious but stable condition.

The baby who also received minor injuries was rushed to the hospital by ambulance where he was treated.

Major Car Crash January 30 – Point Hill – Hanover (Allan Lewin Photo)

The crash in resulted in a massive traffic pile up for several miles and two fire units from the Lucea and Montego Bay

Fire Departments had to be called to the scene to wash the debris and heavy oil-spills from both car engines, off the highway to allow motor vehicles to flow freely.

Fire Department Cleans Highway of Oil-Spills and Debris in Hanover Car Crash (Allan Lewin Photo)

Henry Buckner -Special Investigator

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