Two families searching for answers after alleged medical mishap

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When 37-year-old Carlene Bryan and 21-year-old Vanessa Hendricks visited a health care facility in St Catherine on August 26, both had hopes of emerging in one piece. However, the family of Bryan is now mourning her loss, while Hendricks’ family is by her side as she battles for life.

On that fateful day, Bryan went to meet her scheduled six-week appointment. According to her father Devon, when she returned home, all seemed well until the unthinkable happened.

“When she had her baby, she had to remain in the hospital for about four weeks because of high blood pressure and after she was discharged, the baby remained in the hospital for another two weeks. She was scheduled for her six weeks appointment, but she missed it, so she made an appointment for a couple days later. She went, and everything seemed fine when she came back. The last time I saw her was when I was going to the shop; she was at the gate talking to her baby father. I came back and took a shower and went to bed,” Bryan told McKoy’s News.

“Afterwards I heard knocking and I heard them saying ‘Carlene nah wake up’. I was told that she went to lie down because she was complaining that the places where she got the injections (at the clinic) were hurting her. When I saw her, she wasn’t breathing or anything …,” the distraught father recounted.

Bryan said he called the nearest hospital for ambulance assistance, however based on the response he got, it would have been too long of a wait. He added that he and other relatives put Carlene in a vehicle and transported her to the emergency room. The outcome was heart wrenching.

“When we got there and the doctors and nurses were checking her out, the nurses said ‘look at the machine. She’s already dead. There’s nothing else we can do’,” Bryan told our news team.

Bryan said he plans to take legal action against the health centre.

“I haven’t said anything to anybody yet. I plan on getting my own pathologist to do an autopsy so we can proceed,” he said.

The father said his daughter was extremely caring and took care of his mother, who broke both hips and needs assistance to do everything. Carlene’s baby is currently in the care of his father ad other relatives.

Meanwhile, Icoline Walters, mother of Vanessa Hendricks has connected with Bryan as both analyze the uncanny coincidence of their daughters’ trip to the clinic that day. Hendricks is currently in the hospital after suffering multiple seizures which resulted in an emergency surgery.

“She went to the clinic because she was complaining of a headache. I believe she got some medication, but afterwards she was complaining of stiffness in the neck and numbness and swollen feet. She was also displaying stroke-like behaviour and when I saw her, her lips were swollen because she was biting don on them and she ended up having to do surgery on her hand to repair tendons,” Walters told McKoy’s News.

She said her daughter was discharged last Monday, but had to be readmitted after her health started to deteriorate again.

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