Two Bandits Caught Breaking into House in Balata

St Lucia (Mckoy’s News)Two Bandits Caught Breaking  into House: Two males have been arrested for  breaking into a house in Balata, Castries shortly after midday yesterday (June 2, 2017).

According to the home owner, who preferred anonymity, she was on a Whatsapp group chat for the neighbourhood watch when she found out about the break-in.

This news prompted the homeowner to leave work immediately and head home where she saw the two suspects in the tray of a police vehicle.

She said the alarm at her home went off seconds after the door was broken, and noted that the suspects were caught less than half hour later.

The homeowner was told that the suspects were seen acting suspiciously minutes before the break-in.

She pointed that one neighbour told her he saw the men after he heard dogs in the area barking ferociously – which usually happens when someone strange is in the area.

It is believed that one of the suspects stayed on the road as a lookout while the other went to break and enter.

The men were reportedly seen by neighbours running away from the scene after the alarm went off.

After they were caught, the police brought them back to the community to be positively identified, the home owner said.

The police have been praised for their quick action in apprehending the men who are now in custody.

According to the homeowner, the two bandits caught  are reportedly gainfully employed at a tire shop.

Contributed by Dr. Colin O Jarrett

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