Trevor Webb

Viral Shooter Trevor Webb Reportedly Disarmed

St. Andrew, Jamaica (Mckoy’s News) – Viral Shooter Trevor Webb Reportedly Disarmed: Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) losing candidate for Western St Andrew, Trevor Webb has now lost his firearm licence. Call it sheer stupidity or bragging that he can practice with a human target, he has certainly “lost his grip” on his firearm licence.

Reports are that he has been stripped of the licence after an online video of him shooting at bottles in a man’s outstretched hands and on his head recently went viral.

The Firearm Licensing Authority (FLA), which promised to investigate and take appropriate action in relation to the matter, has reportedly interviewed Webb and cleared all notions around his actions by reading him the riot act in respect of the handling of guns locally.

Media reports are that Webb defended his action by saying that the exercise did not involve live rounds, therefore it posed no danger to the person who had the bottles in his hands and on his head.

Firearm licensing regulations locally dictates against gunplay of that kind in the video, irrespective of the types of bullets that are being used, so Webb has suddenly found himself out of the “shooting business”.

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