Tremayne Brown, Trench Town Hero

Kingston, Jamaica (McKoy’s News) – Tremayne Brown, Trench Town Hero: 12-yr-old Renaldo Reynolds was on his way home from Jones Town Primary School during heavy rains last Friday, when he was encouraged by a group of older boys in the vicinity of Seventh Street to jump into a gully on Collie Smith Drive. “I put one foot in the water. When I was coming out my hand slipped and I started to wash away,” said Renaldo.

Residents, apparently saw what was happening, began screaming for help and within seconds, 24-yr-old Tremayne Brown jumped into the gully in a bid to save the lad whom he had never met before, although they are living close to each other.  Brown, a very humble young man, said he was on a worksite at the Boys’ Town Community Centre when he heard screams for help. Without thinking twice he jumped into the gully to save the boy. He further said when the water carried them to the vicinity of May Pen Cemetery he managed to hold on to a tree branch, which eventually broke.

However, when Renaldo realized that both of them might not make it out of the raging waters, he started praying and thereafter Brown found another branch on another tree to hold, which prevented them from being further washed down the gully.  They both were then assisted from the gully and taken to the hospital where they were treated for minor cuts and bruises. Brown was released but Renaldo was admitted overnight for further observations.

Residents of Trench Town were so ecstatic, they now hail Tremayne Brown as their local hero. They say when other persons ran from the water after Renaldo fell in, Brown made up his mind that he was going to save Renaldo and he did. With prayers from Renaldo, and Brown joining in afterwards, Brown knew that a higher force was with them at that moment in time.  Renaldo now encourage his friends not to give in to peer pressure and Brown encourages all children to obey their parents, staying out of trouble.

As one resident puts it “for his bravery, he should be awarded”. I echo the same sentiments.


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