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Transportation Min. to Negotiate with Motorcycle Taxi Operators

Western Jamaica -(McN) – Minister of Transport Mike Henry on Friday promised Motorcycle riders in Hanover and Westmoreland to negotiate terms with them in regards the Motorcycle Taxi Operators in Western Jamaica.

This promise came on Friday morning following a tour of several locations in Hanover and Westmoreland, which are considered legitimate areas where motorcycles are the only means of transportation.

The Minister along with a team which consisted of, Warren Clarke Assistant Commissioner of Police for Area One, Donald Henry Chief Inspector at the island Traffic Authority, Cecile Morgan Chairman of the Transport Authority, Hardley Carter General Manager of Transport Authority and Kenute Hare Director of Road Safety in the Ministry of Transport –  Toured all the areas in Hanover and Westmoreland where motorcycle are used to operate taxi.

The tour commenced at Orange Bay in Hanover on Friday morning and then on to Negril, Sheffield and Little London.

Minister Henry informed the  motorcyclists he is aware that they are not represented by a union authority or governing body but, the Ministry will now be viewing the means of transporting residents by Motorcycle and see what amicable solution they can come up with to meet them half way.

He pointed out that he knows that the use of Motorcycle as taxis are not officially legal. But he understands that Motorcycle operators transport commuters to and from communities where no registered taxi Motor Car will go, or areas where the roadway are not motor vehicle worthy.

He told them at in the meanwhile they needs to be patient and comply with the law and also in the meanwhile be sure to acquire the relevant documents and riding gears with which to drive and operate their Motorcycles.

by Henry Bucknor – Special Investigator

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