Tourism Enhancement Fund Committed To Environmental Preservation

Jamaica News: Executive Director of the Tourism Enhancement Fund (TEF), Dr. Carey Wallace, says the entity remains committed to safeguarding Jamaica’s environment while developing the country’s tourism product.

“One of the greatest things we showcase is Jamaica’s natural beauty. If we did not have the majestic mountains, pearly white sand beaches and clean turquoise waters, then we would not be as attractive a tourism destination. So it is important for [the TEF] to help safeguard this beauty by preserving the environment,” he told JIS News.

Against this background, the Executive Director said the TEF has embarked on a series of projects intended to enhance the entity’s contribution to the preservation of the environment.

“We have to ensure that there is sustainable development within the tourism sector so that we do not damage or deplete our natural resources and all our development plans. We also realised that a few of our natural resources would have been compromised over the years due to growth and development. So we would have taken active measures to ensure these resources, such as our beaches, are restored,” Dr Wallace stated.

He said the TEF invests in fish sanctuaries and coral replanting projects islandwide, and will be investing in recycling projects in Negril.

“Our Board just approved the purchase of a recycling truck to contribute to the recycling centre in Negril come 2020,” Dr. Wallace further stated.

Additionally, the Executive Director said the entity funds local International Costal Cleanup Day activities and contributed $10 million to last year’s endeavour.

“We want Jamaicans to think of themselves as world citizens and preserve the planet. It’s one thing to be aware of pollution, but it’s another thing to be reactive and try to correct what’s wrong in our environment,” Dr Wallace added.


Source: JIS News

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