Top Eagle Store Robbed on Barnett Street

Detectives attached to the Barnett Street police station are carrying out a search of the second city for a group of robbers who robbed the Top Eagle Variety store on Barnett Street, of cash and valuables amounting to over $1-million last Tuesday.

Reports by the police are that last Monday evening the operators of Top Eagle store which is located at 87-Barnett Street securely up the premises and went home.

Upon the return of the operator, he discovered that a door at the top of the building was cut away by robbers, who gained entry inside the building.

The robbers then made off with cash amounting several items from the store valued at hundreds of thousands of dollars, along with $350,000 Jamaican and $5,000 US dollars.

The police were summoned and upon their arrival, the scene was processed,

A search is now being carried out for the culprits.

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