Tommy Lee Sparta’s Son

Tommy Lee Sparta’s Son Reportedly Injured In A Fight

The son of Incarcerated Tommy Lee Sparta has been reportedly injured in a fight that is alleged to be gang-related and led to the police being summoned.

According to reports, the police were alerted to a dispute that took place at Hopewell High School in Hanover today (May 4), where three boys were injured in an altercation that involved weapons and stones.

The fight happened as a result of three male students from St. James, one of who is said to be related to an Incarcerated dancehall artiste, spray-painted the word “Sparta” on a wall.

Although the name of the incarcerated artiste was not mentioned in the media, one of the boys is believed to be Tommy Lee Sparta’s son, according to sources.

While the boys were spray-painting the word, they were confronted by a group of male students from Hanover and a fight began in which weapons and stones were used.

Luckily, the injured students were not critically wounded, but a few of the students involved issued threats and immediately fled the area before the police arrived.

While the police secured the area surrounding the school, the school administrators ended classes early.


SOURCE: Yard hype

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