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Thin Line Between Love and Hate. Man Slashed His Ex-Lovers Neck

Kingston, Jamaica (McN) – Police are in search of a man who is reported to have allegedly slashed the neck of his former girlfriend and burnt her house down in revenge to a sour break-up.

The alleged is identified Christopher Devon Bowes, also known on Facebook as Jason Bennett, of an East Kingston address. Sources told McKoy’s News that Bowes allegedly slashed the throat of  “Judith Robinson,” after she broke off the relationship.

Bowes is also accused of allegedly returning to the premises of Robinson and setting it on fire, burning down the home of the victim as she underwent medical attention.

Reports are that about 3:00 am on Wednesday, Bowes allegedly broke into the  Harbour View, St. Andrew home of Robinson while she was sleeping. Allegations are that he attack Robinson and slashed her neck.

Judith Robinson with Laceration to Her Neck and Palm After Ex-lover Attacked Her

Robinson reacted to defend herself from death, fought of the attacker, and received lacerations to her left palm.

Bowes allegedly left the injured woman, fleeing the scene but, returned later on Wednesday and set fire to her home.

After the attack Bowes, posted a statement to Robinson on his Facebook under the name of Jason Bennett:

“Just know you Judith Robinson mash up my life”

The Kingston Police are now seeking the whereabouts  of Christopher Devon Bowes in connection with the incidents.

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