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There’s Something about Jamaica’ is a weekly Friday post on www.mckoysnews.com. Amber Crowl (DJ/Host/Promoter/Activist/Writer) shares her views on Jamaica’s Politics, Economy and Social Culture.

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Jamaica has long been a country which draws people from all over the world for different reasons. 

“There’s something about Jamaica, which allows people to naturally drift to our warm shores, sunny skies and homely vibes. Among the top reasons people visit Jamaica are for a break from their daily lives in their homelands, to connect with nature, to enjoy culinary diversity,  music, art and investment.

Among Caribbean nations we have a strong appeal to foreigners, without much Government efforts to help Jamaica regain her former reputation  and even with the high crime rate which has been plaguing the island for around two decades or more.


In this post, we will look at different realities which speak to Jamaica’s Social Culture, Economy, Environment, Infrastructure, Geology, Agriculture, Politics, Education, Spirituality, Science and Psychology.  In these areas, you will find the threads that make up the island of Jamaica.


The people of Jamaica are a valuable part of this space. One of my hopes is to influence Jamaicans towards opening their eyes to our realities in all the areas mentioned, accepting them and then realise that the way the country has been run, if continued will only lead to disaster for an island which was once poised to be the “Crown Jewel of the Caribbean.”


Today, Jamaica is a far cry from being that jewel, and with the tame, slow and questionable response of the Government and the Private Sector, Jamaica is in dire need of way more than just a “Divine Intervention.” Something we have heard uttered by Jamaica’s Politicians repeatedly and yet, neither is the intervention, nor any solid solutions forthcoming.


What we have instead, is a murky pond of politicians who refuse to either relieve themselves of their positions, or do their jobs effectively. And how do the people show their displeasure with the performance of their Parliament? They vote them back in, time and again. Either one political party or the other and, the vicious cycle of ravaging Jamaica, continues…


That’s it for the first in a series of reasonings titled “There’s something about Jamaica.”
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