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Jamaica no. 1
Ricks Cafe Jamaica


This just goes to show the powerful pull that Jamaica has on people from all over the world. So many Caribbean destinations to choose from, some which are even as pretty as Jamaica, with way less crime and probably in better economic standings and yet Jamaica with all her woes is rated as the number 1 island among visitors to the West Indies. Then think about the many countries which exist on this planet, the size of Jamaica and the many  ills of society which plague this island, and it is clear being rated as the number 12 tourist destination, and Jamaica no. 1 in the world is amazing.


Jamaica no. 1
Dining in Jamaica
The rise of the public’s use of the internet when making important decisions (like a vacation destination) and the growing use of social media have contributed to greater exposure for Jamaica in both good and bad ways and this report indicates that the good is outweighing the bad when it comes to our status as a tourist spot. Our cuisine, personalities, beaches, fresh air, music, nightlife, natural beauty, cultural traditions, warm weather, fresh water and other assets keep pulling people to Jamaica and back to Jamaica. I say to, and back to Jamaica because a big part of our popularity as a tourist destination comes from the tradition of “word-a-mouth” which is how tourists who come here tend to convince their family members and friends to also visit Jamaica. Return visitors are among the most effective in marketing Jamaica as a tourist destination.


Jamaica no. 1
Vacation Rafting in Jamaica
Another point to note is that the Jamaican Government has doubled its efforts to market and promote Jamaica as a safe, friendly and fun environment for tourists from all over the world. The Tourism Ministry has spent millions of dollars on advertising campaigns in the mainstream media (North America, Europe, Canada, etc.) and has used social media as an effective method of expanding the marketing and promotion of Jamaica to travelers. The government knows, that news out of Jamaica is reaching far and wide. The advent of social media has severely exposed many of our demons including the recent spate of killings and sexual assault of women and girls and so it is imperative for the Government to continue to invest in extensive marketing campaigns which target travelers.


Jamaica no. 1
Bob Sled in Jamaica
This is a good look for Jamaica. I want to encourage our leaders to use this report to motivate them to do more to curb crime, grow the economy, lower poverty, create jobs and foster an environment of inclusion for all Jamaicans to enjoy the Jamaica no. 1 rating. When we can achieve a combination of these things along with the tourists sharing their love for Jamaica with their folks, the marketing campaigns then we will be able to maintain a good standing among the long list of tourist destinations and likely improve our current rating. We simply cannot allow the image of crime to overshadow the image of all the things which make Jamaica a great vacation destination. Let all Jamaicans make it a point of their duty to do what they can to keep Jamaica no. 1 in the Caribbean and to move up to no. 1 in the world. Go Jamaica no. 1!!!!


Jamaica no. 1
Night Club in Jamaica

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