The Dawn of a New Era, MBCCI Elects New President Winston Lawson

Jamaica Business News, Montego Bay: The Montego Bay Chamber of Commerce and Industry held their annual general meeting on April 25, 2018, at the Wexford court hotel in Montego Bay.

Members happily noted that this year’s meeting was one of the most well attended in recent memory and that the peak of the meeting’s activities for many, it was standing room only, as attendees continued to pack in the venue.  It’s speculated that  the high numbers in attendance could be accredited to the chamber’s growth in the past year with a 12% increase in membership bring the total to approximately 250 members or perhaps it was the excitement of the three-way race for the Presidency between entrepreneur Brian Brown, a sitting vice-president; banker Winston Lawson of National Commercial Bank; and businessman Norman Reid that drew the crowd.

The evening’ agenda included the usual formalities such as “The report of the board of director for the year 2017-2018”, the appointment of auditors, and the highly anticipated election of officers.  During her opening speech, the outgoing president, T’Shura Gibbs, thanked members for their support during her one year tenure, explained her decision for not seeking re-election and highlighted the chambers main achievements over the past year.

She also made mention of the sadness felt for the loss of the 1st  vice president, Dittie Guise, who passed on March 6, 2018, noting the significant affects her life made to the Chamber, the City of Montego Bay and all the organizations and lives that she touched offering condolences to her family, colleagues and the staff at the Montego Bay Convention Center.

Then came the moment everyone was waiting for – “The Elections”

The position of President, Vice President, and Directors were each voted on individually and results were made public immediately after the count.

The results are as follows….

President       – Winston Lawson

Janet Silvera  – 1st Vice President

Yoni Epstein  – 2nd Vice President

Joy Clarke      – 3rd  Vice President

Six new directors were also voted in including Nina Peters, Karlene Maye, Nadine Spence, Conrad Robinson and Brian Brown

The new president, Mr. Lawson was quoted as saying “I’m elated with my new appointment. My first order of business will be to find ways to bring a more direct benefit to the members of the Chamber as well as advocating for the Chamber’ interest as a whole”.

Last year’s 2nd vice president, Brian Brown will retain his position on the board as a director. When asked how he felt about the new post he replied, I’m happy with what I have been able to achieve.  I feel like the glass ceiling, if not broken, was at least cracked as the organization recognizes the need to encourage more young people to be involved in the process while opening up a conversation about how young people can contribute to their city even if they are not chamber members.

The Chamber was involved with a number of community outreach projects including the Gloves over guns Initiative to which the chamber donate over $600,000 jmd, as well as, donations to the Barnett street and Mount Salem police stations.

For more information on the Montego Bay Chamber Of Commerce and Industry check out their Facebook and get involved.

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