Teachers in Western Jamaica Back at School

Teachers in Western Jamaica Back at School after Three Days Sickout  

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Jamaica News, March 15, 2018 – Teachers in Western Jamaica Back at School    

(Mckoy’s News) – Several thousand teachers from dozens of schools around western Jamaica are now back in their classroom today, Thursday,  March 15, following a three-day sickout which started from Monday, March 12 to Wednesday, March 14.

The major sickout by the teachers dealt a major blow to the education system throughout the country, and thousands of students including those sitting examinations were gravely affected by the sickout.

Teachers across Jamaica acted under the supervision of the Jamaica Teachers Association(JTA) and decided to stage a three-day sickout, following their disagreement over the latest government wage offer.

It is understood that the JTA recently turned down the government wage offer to teachers and other Public Sector Workers, a 16 % increase over four years.

The decision to return to the classrooms were taken following a meeting which was held at the Ministry of Labour Office in Kingston, between the JTA body and the Government.

It is understood that from the meeting,  the government and the teachers agreed to resume negotiation.

During the three-day sickout, several teachers and principals pointed out that they are in full support of the three-day sickout. Principal, Miss Jocelyn Beckford,  head of the Bethel Primary School, stated that despite the fact that the sickout comes at a very vital time in the eyes of the public, they have still made it accommodating for students sitting the examinations.

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