Teacher Who Threatened Student to Face Disciplinary Hearing from Pembroke Hall High

A Pembroke High School Female Teacher in St Andrew is scheduled to attend disciplinary hearing this week, after being recorded on video since last November threatening to kill a male student.

The school’s principal Reverend Claude Ellis revealed on Friday that the teacher, reportedly identified as Marsha Lee Crawford, currently on vacation leave, before the student was transfered from the school by his parents and enrolled in another institution.

Ellis stated that, after the hearing concluded, the school’s board will be given a report from the Personnel Committee after which a decision will be granted as to what action, if any, will be taken against the teacher.

In a two-and-a-half-minute long video that went viral on social media, Lee Crawford, the teacher was seen issuing death threats multiple times at the student as he tried to defend himself, especially when mention was made of his mother by the teacher.

The teacher’s rant was widely condemned by many, but she also received support from sympathizers who commented on the difficulties teachers have keeping students in line.

The unnamed boy was reportedly being reprimanded for talking out of turn.

“Mi wi kill you in yah bwoy,” the teacher shouted. She got further into a heated exchange when the boy allegedly yelled at her. “Weh yuh shout after mi fah? Mi look like you mumma?” she added.

The boy responded by asking the teacher why she made mention of his mother.

While continuing, Lee Crawford again threatened to murder the student.

Yuh nuh have nuh sense! Nuh come in yah, cause mi nuh play wid pickney.

First of all, mi mash up pickney head in here,” she said. “Mi wi murder you inna diss.”

Following the tongue lashing, the boy was asked to leave the classroom.

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