Taxi Owner wins J$7.3 Million Lawsuit against Transport Authority

Antonio Mckoy CEO - Mckoy's News

St. Catherine, Jamaica (Mckoy’s News) – Taxi Owner wins J$7.3 Million Lawsuit: St. Catherine businesswoman Trecia Miller sued the Transport Authority (TA) since 2009 for damages, negligence, loss of earnings and the cost of a motor vehicle. She collected from her suit on Tuesday, May 9 when Supreme Court Judge Courtney Dayle awarded her J$7.3 million plus legal cost.

Trecia Miller brought the lawsuit against the TA who she allege seized her motor vehicle for almost eight years and has never returned it. Arguments on the case outlined that on August 28, 2009 a Transport Authority vehicle collided with the taxi which was being driven by Miller’s driver.

The vehicle was wrecked and removed by the Transport Authority. Miller told the court that she went to the Transport Authority location several times to get the location where the her wrecked taxi was being held, but never received this information.

The judge found that the defendant (TA) did not supply evidence that it made any attempts to return the Miller’s taxi to her, after their employee, Sheldon Lilly was at fault for crashing into the taxi and ordering the damaged motor vehicle be taken away by a wrecker.

Judge Courtney Dayle ruled that the Transport Authority wrongfully interfered with, and deprived Miller of her personal property.

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