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Taxi Drivers left in Uproar, Association to Meet with PM on Monday

Kingston, Jamaica (McN) – Last week Prime Minster Hon. Andrew Holness announced the implementation of “Zero Tolerance,” effective this Monday – starting with police crackdown on illegal taxis and registered Public Passenger Vehicles (PPV) with tinted glass. The PMs order follows the murder of a 15-year-old girl, in Montego Bay, allegedly perpetrated by an illegal taxi driver and another man.

The PMs announcement has left legal taxi operators and the “Jamaica Association of Transport Owners and Operators” disheveled with fear of vehicles being confiscated by police on such short notice to operators, to removed all tints, and fix any registration issue that would classify them as”illegal taxi.”

Concerns arise among the law-abiding taxi operators, that they are being packaged with rogue men, who commit crime against women and minors, using their cars as illegal taxis.

The government invited the Jamaica Association of Transport Owners and Operators (JATOO) to a meeting at Jamaica House on Monday, for discussions on the issue of the removal of tints from Public Passenger Vehicles.

According to the JATOO, the meeting scheduled for Friday, changed to Monday to accommodate a wider cross-section of members in the transportation sector.

This meeting will not affect police order from the Prime Minister to ensure that no registered PPV continue to have tinted windows, effective Mon 13. The police is expected to be carrying out their operation starting Monday, while the JATOO seek answers from the government about the matter.

The JATOO has requested from the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF), that their operation be delayed until after their meeting with the government at Jamaica House.

“This being the case, JATOO is advising our members that if they suspect that their vehicle will be interrupted by the police or any other state agency on Monday, they should await the decision of the Monday meeting before venturing out for the day,” remarked the JATOO statement.

“We are unable to represent any member on this issue before a decision is made regarding tints,” the statement added.”

“We are also advising the travelling public that if you cannot see inside of a vehicle, you should not enter into that vehicle.”

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