Student charged with raping 13-year-old at school in St Catherine

The grade 10 student who allegedly raped a 13-year-old girl at a St Catherine two weeks ago, was arrested and charged on the weekend.

A source confirmed that the boy was arrested on Friday and slapped with rape charges. He was, however, given bail and handed over in the custody of his father.

He is scheduled to make a court appearance on Wednesday, December 18.

The girl’s mother said that she is relieved that the teen suspect was suspended from the institution and was charged with the incident.

“It is not just for my daughter alone but I am fighting for other little girls who may have had a similar experience and who may be ashamed to say anything, or, are bullied into not speaking. I am hoping that justice will be served. My little girl didn’t deserve this. A school is supposed to be safe for our children,” she said.

The girl was allegedly raped in the restroom after she refused to hand over $50 to the male student to use the facilities.

When his demands were not met, he reportedly held her by the throat and braced her against a wall where he later assaulted her.

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