Startling photos

Startling photos show massive clouds over downtown Chicago after tornado

A menacing mass of clouds that resembled a mountain range loomed along the Chicago skyline in the wake of a tornado Wednesday, extraordinary photos show.

“I’ve never seen anything like this in Chicago before,” freelance journalist Jame Kay tweeted shortly after 9:15 p.m., alongside an image of the pink-hued clouds towering over the Windy City’s downtown skyscrapers.

Even the Willis Tower — the third tallest building in the western hemisphere — appeared dwarfed by the puffy, low-lying clouds.

similar image taken in suburban Aurora shows slightly wispier clouds over a strip mall complex.

Local photographer Barry Butler also shared a stunning panoramic view of the city lit up by early evening sunshine as the colossal cloud formations linger in the background.

pictured are huge clouds over the Chicago skyline.
The mountain-looking cloud towered over the Windy City on Wednesday evening.
James Kay

“It seemed like a mountain range behind downtown Chicago following the storm,” Butler wrote.

The eerie sight formed in the wake of a series of storms, including a tornado that touched down, social media posters recounted.

The twister was on the ground around 7 p.m., the National Weather Service said.

pictured are storm clouds pass over downtown Chicago and the Bronzeville neighborhood.
Chicago weathered multiple storms on Wednesday, which culminated in a tornado.

The storm forced flight cancellations and delays in O’Hare Airport, where hundreds of passengers were forced to shelter in place.

Disgruntled travelers were packed like sardines in a concourse waiting out the extreme weather, a video shared on Twitter showed.

Chicago resident Lynn Becker also posted a video of tornado sirens going off downtown.

A view of a possible tornado on Wednesday night.
The tornado grounded flights at O’Hare Airport.

“I’m in a 60 story apartment building so my options are somewhat limited,” he told the Associated Press.

“We have to, I assume, go into the core of the building.”

The tornado warning was lifted by 8 p.m., and Chicagoans were later treated to a vivid rainbow.

Damage is seen to the Sinnott Tree Service building in McCook, Illinois.
It is expected to take days to assess all the damage from the storm.
A rainbow arches is pictured over the road near Midway International Airport in Chicago.
Locals spotted a bright rainbow in the aftermath of the severe weather.

The storm moved north into Michigan before passing over Canada early Thursday.

Assessing damage from the storm is expected to take days; no immediate injuries were reported.

As of Wednesday night, tornado damage was reported in Bridgeview and Stickney, outside of the city, NBC reported.

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