St James Social And Economic Development Trust Calls On Government   

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Jamaica News, January 24, 2018                                                           

Montego Bay, Jamaica (McKoy’s News) – St James Social And Economic Development Trust: Chairman of the St James Social and Economic Development Trust, Huntley Medley says he is now calling on the government to come up with a more Comprehensive Strategy towards fighting crime in the parish.

Mr Medley who was speaking to reporters on Wednesday morning stated that, the State of Emergency was well needed given the seriousness of crime situation in the parish of St James, but, he further pointed out that the State of Emergency is just a temporary “band aid” for crime.

According to him, the government now needs a comprehensive Strategy which is a broader more united approach which involves the State, all state agencies, none government organizations,  community groups, churches and the business sector.

The State of Emergency he says will create a positive impact on St James but it is only here for a matter of weeks.  A comprehensive approach will be in the society to stay and will remain there for the long haul.

Mr Medley was speaking following the State of Emergency which was imposed on the parish of St James over a week ago.

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