St. Ann Counsilman tells NWA Again – Fix the Drains Before Flooding

St. Ann. Jamaica (McN) – What is taking so long for the National Works Agency (NWA) to honor St. Ann Counsilman, Winston Lawrence request to repair the clogged drains in the city before another major flooding occurs.

Meanwhile, in St. James – Montego Bay, on Sunday began “Project City Clean Up Initiative,” after long identification of the cities drainage problem by incoming Counsilman Richard Vernon Jnr.

The Mobay project to clean and repair the city’s drains begin, while Councillor for the Sturge Town division in St. Ann, Winston Lawrence calls on the National Works Agency (NWA) to clear blocked drains in the Runaway Bay area, without any response.

Councilman Lawrence was speaking at the recent monthly meeting of the St. Ann Municipal Corporation, appealing to have something done about the drains before the community experience a major rainfall that would cause extensive flooding.

The Councillor stated the he made several requests to the  NWA , but the drains remain clogged.

He urged once more for the NWA to give priority attention to the blocked drains in the Runaway Bay area.

Reportedly, last December, several sections along the Runaway Bay main road, and in the square were flooded, affecting traffic, several hotels, business places, homes, schools, and the Runaway Bay police station.

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