Songstress Dehshh Promotes “Red” Single

Songstress Dehshh takes a new direction in her latest single, “Red.” Produced by Treasure Chest Productions, the track was officially released on May 7, 2021.

“This song is a little bit different from what I’ve previously released so listeners are very happy to hear the versatility in my music,” she stated. Since its release, the song has been receiving great feedback and the singer’s hope for the single is that it reaches ears near and far.


“I’m hoping that this song will get a lot of airplay and will grab the attention of the people, from every corner of the globe,” she expressed.

In the game professionally since 2017, Dehshh has been gracing the ears of music listeners with her soulful voice, showcasing a style of music that can best be described as melancholic and soulful.

“It’s the type of music that gets you deep in thought or has you reminiscing,” she elaborated.

With previous releases such as “Take Me Home”, “Here We Go”, “Need You” and “In” featuring Projexx, the singer has been steadily building a unique catalogue that will surely make her a distinguishable voice in the industry.

Keeping the momentum going, expect more big things to come from Dehshh in the next few months as she continues writing and recording new material for music lovers everywhere.

“That is the beauty about the type of music that I do, everyone can listen to it and hold a vibes. I have a lot more in the pipeline that I can’t wait for my fans to sink their teeth into.”

“Red” is available for purchase and streaming on major digital platforms online.


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