Woman Reveals Shocking Revelation About Her Sister’s Killer Cop Husband

Read below a post from Jamelia Stephens, sister of Janet Hardie-Lawrence, the St Ann businesswoman who was shot and killed by her husband. 

You wanted 38 million, half of Steer Town, the house in Tower Isles and half of her Business…You didn’t get it so you gave her 12 gunshots. Kirk Lawrence you took away our mentor, our backbone. youth yuh fuck up 
You are a coward my sister was just too brave and courageous  From the first day we met you everybody hated you but we wanted our sister to be happy so we prayed and accepted you, You broke the bond me and my sister had apart and there is a penalty for that ….God is our keeper and I look to him for strength.No more Mommy for Jahwan,Aunty Putto for Jaden “D” for Alton ,Dian for mama,Sista for Marlon and Robert …..and I had a bunch a names for you ,when I wanted something it was “Janet” when am mad at you it was “Dian” when we talking business it was Sista My heart is torn apart, you loved and cared for everybody you set a impact you are a role model and your legacy lives forever ….Amma make you proud Sista give me a dream so I know you ok,I know you are in heaven am going to make it right so we will meet again…Alton is devastated he lost his only reason for living, Marlon said is life is mess up, Robert say how him ago manage, Your mother as a heart disease she did not ever think about burying you, Jahwan say a no longer have a mother but I have Aunty Cadine Aunty Michele Uncle Alton and Grandma . We have a small family but you had many friends, your grandma aunts uncles cousins we all love and miss you

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