Sikka Rymes Drops Diss Track ‘Dem Nuh Bad’ Aimed At Intence After Vybz Kartel Tiff

It looks like dancehall artiste Intence may have stepped on some toes simply from being ‘trending’. The Right or Wrong deejay is now experiencing the dark side of dancehall by apparently provoking the Worl’ Boss and his Gaza empire. Who would have thought that dropping a hot track and landing the #1 trending spot at the same time Vybz Kartel was releasing one of his weekly singles would have made him the target of a direct diss.

Well there is no time to cry over spilt milk, what’s done is done and now Intence is in the midst of a war with Gaza. Kartel’s second in command and Gaza VP Sikka Rymes is out to sic’ em … yes Intence. The deejay released an entire diss track dedicated to Intence yesterday April 12th, titled Dem Nuh Bad under Great X Production.

The very uncensored and lethal lyrics accuse Intence of being a Mickey Mouse, a coward and a queer, anything less than a threat as the title ‘Dem Nuh Bad’ states. Then to express who is truly bad, Sikka goes into some gory details of what the Gaza kingdom is capable of unleashing. Bullets flying, head smashing and face stomping to score his demise are just some of the slightly rendered phrases and a nicer way to sum up Sikka’s rhymes.

The basis for his threats, he continues is, “Yuh a get defeat, neva plan fi it, should a neva see di Gaza and run yuh damn beep”. Well there is confirmation on that claim. After having to wait a tad bit too long on his new single Up Top Gaza with Teejay to reach dancehall’s #1 trending position on YouTube’s Popular in Jamaica channel, Kartel had an online outburst, posting on Instagram, “Somn wrong wid @vevo? or a some guys a buy trending?”

Since Intence’s single Tears Dem Dry was occupying the #1 spot at the time, he just happened to have been the one to blame. Intence, proved that he’s no push-over and promptly responded with an Instagram post declaring he won’t be baited. Well now we know, no body gets away with talking to the Worl’ Boss like that.

Back to the Dem Nuh Bad composition; In a construed voice sounding a lot like Kartel, we hear at the end of the track “yo, tell him fi come deejay bout voice recording now, cah di next one loaded (evil laughing)”.

So if Intence is planning on a counteraction, he better buckle up for a diss track war.

However, it doesn’t seem like the fire blaring from the Gaza camp is in any way hurting the trending superstar (his singles Dawg Dem, Tears Dem Dry and Right Or Wrong are currently at the #2, #3 and #4 spots respectively).

Intence was posed with the question online some time after by Instagram comedian @kyngrowecomedy “Yaa clash skikka”?  Which he casually answered, “Who name Suh”? … completely demonstrating no regard for the threatening disses being thrown at him from dancehall’s primaries.

There hasn’t been any other response Intence since, but let’s see how long he can hold his tongue.

Listen to Dem Nuh Bad below.



Source: Dancehallmag

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