Shenseea Flaunts New Nipple Piercings On Instagram

Even in quarantine dancehall songstress Shenseea aims to please, well mostly her male fans that is. The ShengYeng queen indulgently wished everyone (all her 2.4 million followers) a “Goodnight” on Wednesday evening on Instagram. The interesting part of her dusk’s farewell was the unassuming photo she graced on the post.

With her naturally beautiful tresses flowing loosely and brushing over her shoulders, she leans forward regarding the lens quite poised and charming. She’s wearing a baby pink marina top that crops right at the crest of her navel to highlight her sexy piercing in the range. Though, like any admirer would, an ogling double take unveils more.

At a closer glance, we can see two new arrivals nicely perched in the vicinity of appropriating barbell nipple rings. She makes no mention of the perforating trinkets but her fans certainly did –


It looks like Shenseea is keeping things spicy but for who, that is still unknown. The bombshell revealed some time back that she was tired of being single and wanted a new suitor, this she did in the guise of a simple tweet saying “I think i want a boyfriend now”.

A short time before that, she was rumored to be dating popular music producer Rvssian, especially after he gifted her with a lavish diamond encrusted Rolex wristwatch. Even to date, suspicions are still circulating about her tight knit relationship with manager Romeich Major.

Let’s not get it twisted however, the 23 year old Trending Gyal singer can have her pick of any man her sweet little head desires, after all she’s the baddest, most desired female artiste in Jamaica right now.

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